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The Kawelo Team

Kawelo lawyers is an equal opportunity team-based organization.  Our staff is made up of fresh young vibrant visionary men and women. We at kawelo value each staff’s effort and vision in line with the firm’s overall objective. As a team we motivate and uplift each other, we value each member’s role and contribution while focused on the firm’s growth. We champion each staff to learn, plan and develop personal career growth whilst engaging each staff into the firm’s futuristic insight. Through leadership empowerment, unity hardworking and loyalty, every achievement is celebrated as one big family. We know and understand our strengths as a team.

Kawelo lawyers is made up of a ten-member team.   We have established our presence  in all three cities, Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu in Malawi.

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Wesley Mwafulirwa

Managing Partner and Lawyers

Khumbo Gondwe


Vitumbiko Msuku


Rabecca Mwafulirwa

Executive Office Manager