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Rabecca Mwafulirwa

Rabecca Mwafulirwa

Executive Office Manager

Yes its as you think there is a relation between Rabecca and Wesley Mwafulirwa. Rabecca is the wife to Wesley. Apart from being a very supportive wife who harnessed her wide working and various field's deep studying knowledge stretching into contributing to her husband's law-firm growth, shes an amazing researcher with a heart for common good.

Rebecca is a graduate registered nurse and also studied public health and a range of business courses. After a few years working in the health sector she ventured into the business management industry and has taken control of several leading supervisory potions in companies while in Australia. Came back to Malawi in 2015, and started advocating in women rights and cervical cancel. In 2017 she and her husband Wesley saw the need to start a lawfirm Kawelo lawyers and Rebecca is the firm's  Executive Office Manager.


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